If there was ever a time to make a fashion statement - it’s now.

It says helper, and it means community. It’s a declaration of love for mankind. It means love for a neighbor, for a co-worker, for your tribe and for complete strangers. It’s a commitment to a culture that thinks of its fellow man’s needs before its own wants. It means FaceTiming friends in isolation, posting up encouragement and positivity on your social media. It means putting down our differences and picking up what matters most. It means being available and willing to do what you CAN to keep us all moving in a trying time. 

The world needs help - the world needs helpers. Thank you. This is our fashion statement. Be someone in this time you’ll look back at, and be proud of, when it’s over.


A simple shirt can spark a conversation, a single conversation can lead to a Christ-centered relationship and a Christ-centered relationship can change an eternity.

That’s why creating apparel designed to serve far beyond aesthetics means everything to us.



Spurring devotionals, authentic podcasts and original spoken words are some of our favorite ways to equip those living boldly. We love centering in on biblical concepts and digging deep into explicable and applicable takeaways that move each of us forward in becoming more like Christ.


the world needs more humility

Rep the collection, live the movement, change the conversation.

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