Clothes and content are our avenues. Salvation and sanctification through Christ is our aim.


We believe souls can be won where we do life.

Our offices, our weekends and our gyms are all opportunities to glorify God, humbly serve others and build Christ-centered relationships. But it’s not always easy to get the ball rolling. That’s why we have worked wholeheartedly to reimagine lifestyle apparel to serve as something far more than clothing and help bridge that gap. Our gear isn’t magical and doesn’t have the power to save souls. But Christ does. And you can play a role.


We believe in creating culture to change culture.

Spurring devotionals, original spoken words and inspiring stories are some of our favorites. We love centering in on biblical concepts and digging deep into explicable and applicable takeaways that move each of us forward in becoming more like Christ.

Why humility?

Humility is the cornerstone here for a reason. A lot of reasons actually. 

  • Strength is for service, not status. Because of that, we strive to put others above ourselves in all we do, all for God’s glory.
  • Pride is the opposite of the Gospel. Jesus came to earth, humbled himself, lived a sinless life and died a brutal death upon the cross so each of us could be seen by God as perfect and spotless.
  • Humility is a dying trait in the culture we live in. To put others before ourselves day in and day out is unconventional to say the least. It isn’t convenient and it isn’t efficient, but we believe full heartedly that it’s always worth it.


Why daily?

Progress in all aspects of life requires deliberate action each and every day.

We’ve learned that in order to maintain the progress we’ve fought for, we can’t let our foot off the gas. Each day is an opportunity for hard work to meet consistent work and little to become much.


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