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If you're interested in having Humbled Daily speak at your event please reach out to for further information. 


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We are a very small company that operates on a minimal budget to allow all of our earnings to be funneled into giving and producing the best content for our consumers. Because of this we do not hold an inventory of shirts, but rather each shirt is printed uniquely after each order. When the wrong size is ordered it is not as simple as trading out sizes, we must completely reprint a new product and the old product cannot be used because our printers do not hold inventory. We lose the profit of two shirts for each shirt that is exchanged and this in turn takes funds from our future giving and content. [This is a labor of passion and love for us, we take no salary]

Because of this we are unable to provide returns based on sizing at this time.  If a product is defective or of poor quality we by all means will provide an additional product. We have specifically chosen products that fit true to size and provide sizing charts and recommendations on the products that may not fit as true.  If you have any additional questions about sizing please feel free to contact us before purchase and we will be more than happy to assist! Blessings.