4 Truths to Anchor Into During Cultural Chaos


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It is to no ones surprise that we are currently living in volatile times. From the race riots, to the global pandemic, to the contradicting information that seems to be oozing out of the cracks of culture left and right. You turn on the TV and you see riots in the streets of every major city, you turn the channel and with each successive click you see breaking news after breaking news. Half of your friends believe that COVID-19 was a complete set up orchestrated by the government while the other half are scared for their lives and haven’t stepped out into the public light without a mask in months. 

You get on Instagram and find that the scandals continue piling up and every single person that you graduated high school with is now an expert in culture, virology, and politics overnight. There is seemingly no where to run to get a moment of clarity, to clear your thoughts, to be present. 

We are living in a moment that, whether you like it or not, will define an era. And your actions during this moment can be either circumstantial reaction, or a calculated response.

My encouragement to you is this: in times of chaos, anchor into truth. Know what is true and measure your life, your actions, and your thoughts accordingly. An experienced sailor does not set sail to the open seas with disregard for the stars. They locate their true north and bring their actions and thoughts under the banner of what is objectively true. This is the only way that they will reach their desired destination.

So in light of what has been transpiring in our country, we at Humbled Daily don’t seek to give you an opinion to follow, but rather anchors for your path to guide your steps as you see this world through the lens of biblical truth.

Truth #1:

Truth & Wisdom are seldom in the populous.

Many of us are familiar with John 15:18 where Jesus said, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” The creator of truth was hated by culture, so why are you surprised that the media and the populous operate the way that they do? Charles Spurgeon famously said, “Truth is usually in the minority in this evil world.” As Christians we must walk through this life knowing that we must take what culture says and gives us and constantly measure it back to what we know to be true. This is the danger of being biblically illiterate as a nation. We have lost sight of what is objectively true and latched onto the idea that if something shows up enough times in our lives it must therefore be accurate, and this my friends is dangerous. We must hold fast to what we know to be true and sail our ship in that direction constantly checking the happenings before us and measuring them back to the start that points us to true north. 

Truth #2:

Wisdom & Prudence are patient and timely, not flippant. 

Proverbs 14:33 says, “Wisdom rests quietly in the heart of a man of understanding, but it makes itself know in in the presence of fools.” Proverbs 12:23 says, “A prudent man conceals knowledge, but the heart of fools proclaims folly.” As believers we must first know what is true, and then with that truth we are to patiently and lovingly present it in the midst of foolish banter. Are you a shining light in the circles that you run in that patiently presents truth that will steer the lives of your brothers and sisters? Or are you flippant and harsh and treating your words more like a sword than a method of healing? (See Proverbs 12:18) 

Truth #3:

True confidence and boldness only come when you are standing on truth. 

Many of us have been silent during these times. Some of us because we are being calculated and examining truth, others because we simply don’t know what to do or say. Hear me friends… I have been at both camps during this time. However, I am finding that in my pursuit of a deeper knowledge and understanding of what is true in this life my confidence and my boldness are increasing. Not because I feel intellectually superior, or that my words simply must be heard, but rather quite the opposite. I now know that what I am sharing is not rooted in opinion or popular culture where the next “big idea” could easily sweep my words under the rug and render me irrelevant. No, because truth is timeless and God built his word on nothing but what He knows to true about the fabric of the beings that He created.  And when you are standing in right relationship with God, knowing His truth and holding fast to His word, you are living life in the pursuit of righteousness.

Proverbs 28:1 tells us that, “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” Do you find yourself fleeing, or standing bold in what you know to be true? Anchor in truth and you will find that it brings a boldness that opinion never could. 

Truth #4:

Kindness, love, empathetic teaching, patience with evil, and gentleness are all marks of God’s servant. Not beating people over the head with out of context scripture that you haven’t actually read or understood. 

Let me be frank here. The least Christ-like individuals that I have seen during these times have been individuals that claim Christ as their Lord. Belittling individuals because of their choice to wear a mask, spewing hate towards anyone that may challenge their opinion, and writing everyone that doesn’t follow their commands off as sheep. Ironic isn’t it… sheep? I think God called us all that in scripture a few times… but that is neither here nor there. 

As I scroll past daily lashings from “Christians” and yes, I meant to put that in quotes, that hold more weight in their political belief and agenda than scripture I am constantly reminded of 2 Timothy 2:24-25. Which reads: 

The Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth. 

As believers we are called to seek kindness and in that kindness pursue the act of teaching truth in a way that is both patient and gentle. THAT is the mark of the Lord’s servant. Unfortunately, many have taken our high opinion of ourselves and chosen to beat people over the head with out of context scripture that has sat collecting dust in our households for the last 5 years. Charles Spurgeon says it this way, “No man is more unjust in his treatment of others than those who have a high opinion of self.” 

Friends, your conservative values do not make you a Christian. The liberality at which you love and tolerate does not make you a Christian either. A steadfast belief and confession of Lordship to the atoning blood of Jesus Christ on the cross makes you a Christian. And that belief will bear fruit and that fruit comes in the form of your actions. Galatians 5:22-23 gives those fruits a name… they are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Christian… these fruits should be exposed in your life during times of turmoil and trouble. Let it be true that you didn’t belittle those that disagree with you, but rather patiently steered them towards truth with both kindness and gentleness. 

Truth is of utmost value in our culture today as we continue to change with the times. Choose to anchor your life, your opinion, and your council in a truth that never moved amidst a culture that has never stopped. Cast out the noise, open the book, and seek truth my friend. You will be a beacon of hope and a light in your circle because of the light that is alive in you. 


Listen to the 4 Truths on iTUNES

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