Divide of the United - [Spoken Word]

I’ve got a conviction to share that has been placed on my heart
And if I am going to be honest… I don’t quite know where to start.
I look at our world and I see the state that we’re in
And I am overcome by this feeling that we can’t possibly win.
Our country has had its problems well before this election
And I’m afraid that we are in need of some serious introspection
Because we have this belief that a vote could solve every one of our disputes
As if our elected officials have ever truly gotten to the root.
So I am looking at both sides, the red and the blue
Why are we looking at the other side saying man screw you
Because when I look in the mirror all I see is my saddened reflection
As I hear the latest news of our great county’s impending direction
The divide of the “united” seems to be burrowing deeper and deeper
Each side believing that the other is headed straight for the grim reaper
But with a divide so evident how could either side possibly be the answer
The division among us all will inevitably prove to be the real cancer.
We are a society of individuals that are fueled by our passions
Each of us standing on a soapbox that WE believe represents compassion
But the platforms are so different… so which one is right?
Every soul actively believing that THEIR argument is airtight.
Saying “what I believe is true” so nothing else matters
Ignoring the data present around us as we watch the world shatter
We choose what we desire to be true, and then we fill in the gaps
Constructing our beliefs on an emotional basis, completely disregarding the facts.
You see and the thing that I hear most, is that love will conquer all
And I wholeheartedly agree, but very few seem to be answering the call
People speak about love, acting like they actually live it out
When the convenience of love is what they are really all about.
This idea of love… I am not really sure that we comprehend it
And not only that… we too often fail to extend it
Through the rioting, the marching, and the hate from both sides
Can we not see that we are only contributing to the divide?
I understand that you want to stand up for what you believe
But what is the hate that we are spewing helping us achieve?!
You see the very thing that allows this country to be so great
Is what also gives you the capability to speak so much hate
But with that ability comes the chance to stand out from the rest
You have the opportunity to use that freedom to make others feel blessed
Because you see the change that we all speak of… it doesn’t start from the top
It begins in each and every individual… hidden in the backdrop
Because change begins in the margins, it is not a top down type of thing
So what I am saying is change begins with you… and I know that might sting
But we must stop looking to someone else to spark up a movement
We must rise to the occasion if we expect to ever see an improvement
I am not talking about rioting in the street because you didn’t get your hearts desire
I am talking about extending a hand to your neighbor and letting that spark a fire
I’m talking about being a vehicle for the love that we all seem to speak about
I’m talking about being an anomaly among the ordinary, leaving no doubt
Because all this talk about love and all this talk about peace
All this talk about unity and how we want to see hate decrease
I am sick of looking around waiting for someone else to live it out
There is a calling on our lives so quit being a sellout
Start living with a passion that is so rare and unseen
Quite standing on the political platform that is your computer screen
Because the problem is you… and the problem is me
And understanding that fact… is an essential key
Because you see this country we live in… it’s the best place on earth
And I think that it’s about time we begin to understand its worth
We are squandering the treasures that many have died to protect
And it’s about time we treated this country and its people with a little respect
Now I am not so naïve to believe that we are all going to agree
Nor do I think that we should because our differences make us unique
But let us not buy into the lie that disagreement equals hate
Because love is more than a feeling, it can be a burden of nearly unbearable weight
But a burden worth bearing for the greater good of others
Don’t let the happenings around you allow that flame to be smothered
Because I really do believe that love conquers all
But true love invests… and is in it for the long haul
And the time is now… for you to start spreading the joy
It begins in your every day life whether you’re a man, woman, girl, or boy.
Because to change the world is to change one life at a time
And I promise if you invest in this… we’ll see lights start to shine
So please step down from your soapbox… we don’t need to hear about the hate
And start investing in those around you… and we will truly make America Great.
Quinn Rivera // Humbled Daily Co-founder, doctor in training and aspiring professional lover of life.
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