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Season of Hope - [Spoken Word]

Power and Might, never looked so fragile and frail, a newborn baby in a manger, born of a virgin female. They’d been ...

Weathered for the Better - [Spoken Word]

There are over 300 million people suffering from depression right now. There is hope. His name is Jesus.

Divide of the United - [Spoken Word]

"Through the rioting, the marching, and the hate from both sides, Can we not see that we are only contributing to th...

You Are the Captain('s) [Devotional 012]

Striving to steer your ship only leads to the questioning of Christ and his purpose for your current circumstances.

A Baby, A Savior - Spoken Word [Video]

A baby, a savior? Why would God come in such a vulnerable form? A baby in a manger? What an awful platform.

To Be Humbled - Spoken Word [Video]

Society has been cheated out of the true meaning of humility. We're out to change that.
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