Season of Hope - [Spoken Word]


A baby, a savior, so vulnerable and clean
Tucked away in a manger so he’d remain unseen
Only minutes on earth, his life already threatened
The prophets have spoken, his future is destined

Power and Might, never looked so fragile and frail
A newborn baby in a manger, born of a virgin female
They’d been told of his coming, and now they’d received him
But if they’d been told of his power, they would hardly believe him

He’ll turn water into wine, and he’ll bridge the gap to the broken
He’ll heal a man’s servant, with words that hes spoken
He’ll give site to the blind, with the touch of his hands
He’ll demand the storms to CEASE, with a single command.

He’ll feed the 5000, including every woman and child
He’ll walk on the water, with new faith reconciled
He’ll let death have it’s sting, then declare it no more
Lazarus, come out! We’ve got more in store

You see The deaf they will hear, and the lepers restored
The mute they will speak, proclaiming Jesus is LORD
The sick they are healed, by the touch of his cloak
But only he knew what these miracles would provoke

In his final act of mercy, he’ll hang nailed to a tree
High atop a hill, so that all eyes can see
He rose again for our sins and that’s a whole other season
He gave us new life, that’s right you and I were the reason

But right now he’s a baby, and we celebrate his birth
It’s the beginning of His story where he gives us new worth
But it’s often forgotten, in this time and this season
That this little baby boy… he is the reason.

So don’t lose sight of his face for the sake of his hand
He’s after your soul, giving you a foundation to stand
He doesn’t need your perfection, he desires you’re heart
And we are so glad you’re here, it’s a great place to start

He’s not a Genie in a bottle, or a God of convenience
He’s the savior of your soul, the strength in your weakness.
You’re not here by chance, you’re here with a purpose
This can be so much more than just a Christmas Eve Service

This shouldn’t be about just paying your dues
Rather an encounter with him cause he’s encountering you
You’ve heard it before, we talk about the same old things.
The reason why is simple, the truth doesn’t change

He loves you and he wants you, and he died for your sins
He is knocking on the door, you need just let him in
You’re loved as you are now, no need to clean yourself up
You will thirst no more, when you drink from His cup

So in this season of snow and this season of cheer
Don’t lose site of this baby for a man and his rein deer
It’s a season of hope, the beginning of our story
With Him as our source so give Him the glory.

Quinn Rivera // Humbled Daily Co-founder, doctor in training and aspiring professional lover of life.

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  • I must say “Thank You” to your Mom, Pat, who has introduced me to “humbled daily”. I do believe that God puts people in our lives for a reason….often times (for me) it is a reminder that God is awesome and does watch over us all the time, no matter what. GRACE is His abundant offering to us! Hope your day is wonderful!

    Kathy Seagreaves

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