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The World Needs More Humility [Flyer]

Acts of humility are contagious. And it starts with just one simple act.

Made to Dwell

Christ's example here on earth shows that our faith is supposed to be made evident through our living.

Six Characteristics to Take Into the New Year

A sure way to make 2022 your best year yet.

Using God or Loving God?

We so often pursue God for what He can do for us, instead of pursuing Him for who He is.

Drop the Weight

The race we have to run is a marathon, not a sprint, and we're called to stay the course and remain faithful to the end.

Doing Vs. Being

What's more important than doing a lot of stuff for God? Being with God - our first love.

Training For Godliness

To have a life defined by godliness you must have a life trained for godliness.

KNOWN: David Marvin [Young Adults Director]

Young Adults Director David Marvin sits down to talk what the Bible teaches about anxiety, where the church has misse...

Live to Serve, Serve to Win

The secret to sharing the Gospel is taking time to understand people and their interests so that they can understand ...

Joyful Obedience

God's instruction is not a burden we are chained to, but a privilege we are blessed with.

How We Wait

God is good and He has your back. Waiting is a part of the masterful work He is doing in your life.

Growing > Performing

Failure is a weapon for growth, not a metric of self worth.
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