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You Are Where You Are [Devotional 006]

The best way to get to where you want to be is to be faithful where you currently are.

The Great Paradox [Devotional 005]

The more you strive to be independent, the further away you move from God’s perfect design for your life.

Broken is Perfect [Devotional 004]

You are not a monument of your mistakes. Being broken qualifies you for God to use you and work through you.

One Weekend with Cole Sager [Video]

We spent a weekend with CrossFit Games athlete Cole Sager to talk God, people, fitness and humility.

A Baby, A Savior - Spoken Word [Video]

A baby, a savior? Why would God come in such a vulnerable form? A baby in a manger? What an awful platform.

Who Are You? [Devotional 003]

You are called to live your life in such a way that God is honored, and that people ask, "who are you?"

Humbled Daily takes on Fran [Video]

The notorious 21-15-9 benchmark workout. Humbling to say the least.

Humbling Love [Devotional 002]

If God is beyond the realm of time, how then could he possibly love us anymore than he does right now?

Strength In Need [Devotional 001]

David’s greatest strength wasn’t his sword or physical fitness. David’s greatest strength was his neediness of God.

Humbled Daily Article [News]

A totally different kind of style: Faith, fitness come together in special way.

To Be Humbled - Spoken Word [Video]

Society has been cheated out of the true meaning of humility. We're out to change that.
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