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Being a Christian is a Lifestyle, Not a Title

One of the biggest threats to the modern church, Christians, and ultimately the spread of the Gospel is having a luke...

5 Ways to Be Discipled by Biblical Truth and Not Culture

Everything we expose ourselves to is discipling us in some way. From the music we listen to, to the shows we watch, t...

Guard Your Heart with Gratitude

Gratitude allows us to see and praise the beauty and goodness of God. But how do you grow your gratitude?

Conflict Resolution: A Road Map

As Christians, conflict resolution isn't a choice, but a calling. Conflict in itself is an opportunity, and the quick...

KNOWN Ep. 12: Jessica Griffith [CrossFit Athlete]

3x CrossFit Games Athlete Jessica Griffith sits down to talk singleness, battling disappointment, and The Titan Games.

Be Careful What You Fear

You don't approach a snake like you approach a worm. Yet why is it so easy to fear man like a snake and God like a wo...

KNOWN Ep. 11: Dusty Tuckness [Bullfighter]

9-time World Champion Bullfighter Dusty Tuckness sits down to talk self-sacrifice, loving difficult people, and walki...

Courage Over Comfort when Sharing the Gospel

There’s nothing courageous about believing in Christ quietly. Sharing the Gospel can be intimidating, but courage is ...

KNOWN Ep. 10: Cody Anderson [Crossfit Athlete]

CrossFit athlete Cody Anderson sits down to talk self-doubt, casting vision, and letting your gifts rest.

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

Forgiveness is how we put to death sin ever growing into something more, whether that’s bitterness in our own hearts ...

KNOWN Ep. 9: Blake Casteel [Coach]

Coach Blake Casteel sits down to talk losing a child, mission, and reaching the lost.

Anxiety at Sea: Who’s in Your Boat?

We're given a perfect road map on how to find peace amidst crippling anxiety, and it's simpler than you think.
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