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Drop the Mic

To believe that we shouldn’t be where we currently are is to believe that God got it wrong. But the best way to be mo...

Take A Seat

When King David invited Mephibosheth (King Saul's nephew) to the king's table, Mephibosheth expected a sword, but fou...

A Love that Lasts

A step-by-step guide to ensure your love never fails. Seriously, a sure way plan to make your love 100% bulletproof.

KNOWN Bonus EP: Todd Wagner [Senior Pastor]

Senior Pastor Todd Wagner sits down to talk pursuing God with your best years, the fruit of faithfulness, and leading...

3 Ways to Wait Well

God’s timing is often slower than we’d like, but far better than we could ever imagine.

Biblical Guide to Voting

5 ways to let God’s Word inform your voting.

Safeguarding Against the Shadow Semblance

"A shadow cannot stop a man’s pathway even for a moment. The shadow of a dog cannot bite."

Staying the Course When Things Get Difficult

God's timing is often slower than we'd like, but far better than we could ever imagine.

KNOWN Ep. 9: Andrew East [YouTuber and Former NFL Athlete]

YouTuber and former NFL athlete Andrew East sits down to talk true humility, pursuing authenticity, and being gratefu...

Why Good Behavior with Wrong Motives is Destructive

Selfishness is always a sin, even if it makes you look like you are following Christ.

KNOWN Ep. 8: Grant Skeldon [Initiative Network Founder and Author]

Initiative Network Founder Grant Skeldon sits down to talk ministering to millennials, spike ball, and finding a mentor.

KNOWN Ep. 7: Guido Trinidad [Faith RX'd Leader]

Faith RX'd Leader Guido Trinidad sits down to talk about losing a loved one, Faith RX'd, and gratitude.
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