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Why Hardships Don't Void Your Calling

The difficulties that cause us to question our calling are the very things that develop the perseverance that powers ...

Divide of the United - [Spoken Word]

"Through the rioting, the marching, and the hate from both sides, Can we not see that we are only contributing to th...

You Can't Spell Porn Without Pride [Devotional]

Porn is a master at disguising destruction; it appears to satisfy our appetites but only steals our satisfaction.

Ladies: You're Worth It [Devotional]

Expect more, because you are worth more. You are created in the image of God and are of intrinsic worth.

2018 Goal Guide

Our ready-to-apply guide to tackling goals across all aspects of life.

You Are the Captain('s) [Devotional 012]

Striving to steer your ship only leads to the questioning of Christ and his purpose for your current circumstances.

Humdrum Over Hype [Devotional 011]

Humility is easy to practice in the hype of life, but transformative humility takes place in the humdrum of life.

Finding Comfort in the Chaos

Because Christ is our only guaranteed constant, He ia our always-present comfort. Therefore, comfort is found in our ...

Don't Forget the Humble Pie [Devotional 009]

Humble pie is one of the most necessary foods we all need to eat, but the least enjoyable to devour.

The Gift of Grace [Devotional 008]

The free gift of grace through Christ is opposed to earning, but it is not opposed to effort.

Power in Your Position [Devotional 007]

Amidst the worst news of your life, know this: God has not abandoned you, God has positioned you.

Against All Odds [Video]

The unimaginable story of high school wrestler Dan Beaudrie. A story of enduring faith and God's sovereign plan.
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